The complexity of intentions for exhibitions makes exhibition design most interesting and rewarding. The interpretation of story line, presentation of artifacts and works of art, provision of access to these objects and their meaning, and response to multiple audience needs and abilities is a significant challenge.

One of the strengths of Lundholm Associates is the ability to take the intellectual concept behind an exhibition and translate it into a meaningful spatial concept in which order, movement, and visual perceptions all reinforce the essential purposes of the exhibition. The sequence of intellectual concept › spatial concept › physical design is an important process principle.

Design of cases and fixtures must be carefully done, respecting principles of preventive conservation and operational practicality. However, it is important that this design be subservient to the larger conceptual framework. The architecture of exhibition spaces must be a sensitive background entering into a respectful dialogue with the objects. So must the hardware of the exhibition leave the primary impact to the objects and interpretive media.