Although no longer offering architectural services, Lundholm Associates applies its long experience with museum design in advising clients on the design and construction process. We understand that successful museum buildings - museums that work - result from a careful balancing of iconography, functionality, and technical performance. We assist our clients to maintain the interests of the institution in what is often a complex process.

Lundholm Associates has always distinguished itself in its approach to design by a conscientious focus on achievement of the client's objectives in the project. We seek a balanced synthesis of the functional, the intellectual, the aesthetic, and the pragmatic aspects of architecture. We pursue a high order of architectural possibility but take seriously the budget, schedule, and process constraints inherent in most projects. We do not believe that creativity and architectural drama can be achieved only at the sacrifice of function. We pay attention to sound engineering, building science, and sustainability.

Our work has attempted to avoid stylistic trends and instead seeks qualities which are timeless and universal. We believe in sensitivity to place and context. We believe - as articulated by Louis Kahn - that in each design problem there is an essential nature that must express itself in form. We think that this interpretation should be intellectually accessible to the buildings' users. We have faith in the power of narrative and the notion that a museum building has a story to tell about the institution and its place in the city.