In institutions whose work involves the custody and interpretation of collections, the principles of preventive conservation are significant in facility planning. Lundholm Associates has considerable expertise in the application of these principles to building design. We rely on the research of institutions such as the Canadian Conservation Institute, the Smithsonian Conservation Analytical Laboratory, and the Getty Conservation Institute for the definition of basic criteria. We combine this understanding with our knowledge of building science and technology to synthesize creative and practical solutions.

As public institutions, museums have an obligation to be environmentally responsible in the design and operation of their facilities. Lundholm Associates believes in the application of sustainable design practice to collection facilities with preservation requirements. We have developed approaches to resolving apparent conflicts between sustainable design and museum practice. Lundholm is the author of a comprehensive discussion paper on current issues in this field for the Canadian Conservation Institute.

Our work in this sector includes development of collection - specific technical design criteria for new buildings, additions, and renovation. It also includes assessment of existing buildings, assistance with emergency preparedness plans, and design of collection storage facilities.